Is Tatis son’s suspension a “disaster” for baseball?

In the eyes of Fernando Tatis Sr., the 80-game doping penalty given to his son by Major League Baseball is a “disaster” that could have been handled differently, and Manfred didn’t downplay his words for the circuit. .

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Son Tatis failed the anti-doping test when analyzes showed traces of Clostebol on his body.

The San Diego Padres star quickly admitted that she was wrong, stating that the substance is in the drug Trophobol and that she must use the resources at her disposal to confirm the composition of the treatment in question.

His father said in an interview with the Dominican Republic’s ‘The Midday Show’ on Monday that curing a neck infection is medicine.

“What happened not just for ‘Junior’ but for all of baseball protested someone who played 11 seasons in a major league. There are now millions of fans who will stop watching baseball. It’s a delusion for Dominican fans, fans everywhere, for something too trivial to be worth it. disappointment.”


For the father, his son had absolutely no ill will, and major league baseball handled the case in the worst way possible.

“What comes out positive in a Junior’s body is, first of all, something that doesn’t empower you, something that doesn’t empower you. [musculation], the second, and who does not have testosterone, the third. Definitely not an advantage on the field. What happened is a disaster for baseball.”

“I don’t think there is any reason to destroy an actor’s image for something so small.”

Tatis Jr., who signed a 14-year, $340 million contract in 2021, will therefore not play for the 2022 season as he is already recovering from a left ankle injury.

Last season, Tatis Jr. He reached .282, hit 42 long balls and produced 97 runs in 130 games.

He is the only player in major league history to have 80 homers and 50 stolen bases in his first 300 career games.

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