Inventory of teams dropped in the division round

Inventory of teams dropped in the division round
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Inventory of teams dropped in the division round

Another week, another collection of eliminated playoff teams. Let’s take a look at each team that left the stage in the episode tour…

51.6 Gabe Davis only achieved 51.6% of its regular season goals (48 out of 93), the lowest rate among wide buyers who saw at least 50 opportunities. Davis also had one of the highest aDOTs in the NFL (15.3), so it’s as if his goals weren’t all layups. But there’s really no great way to rotate drop shadow season A primary receiver barely got 50 percent of his chances despite playing with an elite QB. Six of Davis’ 93 goals have been captured this year, and it’s brutal. Davis’ featured reel is a lot of fun, but not every route is a gem.

17 – Jacksonville’s last eight games since the team’s November goodbye (including postseason), Trevor Lawrence He scored 17 goals. This was the second-highest TD total of all quarterbacks at the time, just behind. Dak Prescott (20). With Calvin Ridley Joining the party in 2023 and having continuity elsewhere on the offensive, Lawrence is heading towards a 35-point season. A dart thrower with ridiculous touches…

It’s clear the Jags still have gaps to patch, but this team has a top skill at the hardest point to fill.

7.36 — This percentage Ezekiel ElliottHis moves that result in a 10 or more yard gain and, um… that’s not great. Zeke finished 10th in the NFL in total offensive attempts (231), but finished 27th in more than 10-yard runs. A fairly fair tackle was attractive for Dallas, but his big-game ability has clearly dwindled and he has almost no role these days (23 goals). He gained a career-low 3.9 yards in 2022. Elliott averaged just 2.7 YPC in the last four games of the regular season after RT Terence Steele was sidelined for an ACL injury. As Elliott reported Ready to accept pay cut to stay in Dallasbut details can of course still be messy on that front.

Even with a return to the cowboys, it’s hard to envision Ezekiel Elliott playing a big fantasy role next season. (Photo: Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)

6.6Evan Engram At Jacksonville this season, he has set new career records in both the receptions (73) and the reception area (766) and has been phenomenal with an average of 6.6 YAC/REC after the catch. This was the fifth best rate of all hard work, placing it just ahead of it. George Kittle (6.5) and Travis Kelce (6.0). Fantasy managers may not consider Engram the league’s most reliable pass catcher, but in 2022 it has accomplished 74.5 percent of its goals. A free agent entering 2023, but quite clearly wants to stay with the Jaguars and the coaching team obviously wants him back. Assuming he re-signs Jacksonville, we can expect similar statistical outputs, but perhaps an increase in goal numbers (see above).

2.91James Cook and Devin Single Combined with an average of 2.91 yards after touchdown per try this season, that’s an excellent mid pack and an outstanding rate. As a team, the Bills seem to have no problem rushing – they’re seventh in the league this season (139.5 YPG) – but this ground game was bolstered by over 120 carries and 762 yards. Josh Allen. It might not be the worst idea for this team to devote resources to running backs, especially given the quality of this year’s free agent and draft classes.

1.06daniel jones Caught only 1.06 percent of pass attempts this year, it’s the lowest rate in the league and one of the lowest in NFL history. Five picks out of 472 tries is impressive in all circumstances, but it’s overkill when you remember that two of its most targeted buyers are a kick picker (Richie James) and a mid-season waiver plugin (Isaiah Hodgins). Jones went from a player who routinely risked the ball to a guy who basically never self-destructs. Sure, he’s been a little light on passing (15) this season, but it wasn’t like he was throwing it at Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz. In addition, Jones sprinted for 708 yards and seven points, destroying previous career records. Something (probably the Giants) will have to pay this man.

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