Harmony Tan after Wimbledon round of 16 defeat: “And now Latvia”

“You never really succeeded in pushing Amanda Anisimova…
My game didn’t bother him much. He started very well with big shots and I was not very strong from the beginning of the game. It took me a while to get in. He was very careful to be aggressive at the right time without making too many mistakes. I never felt as far away from him as I did when I lost Roland-Garros in 2019 (6-3, 6-1 in the first round), but I was running out of juice. She gets the ball much earlier than Serena, so it’s much more difficult to get into the ball and get into good position.

This is where you realize that the Grand Slam draws crazy energy…
For the last two days, I slept twelve hours a night and this had never happened to me… I had never felt it.

What are you hiding from this very good tournament?
Reaching the second week of the Grand Slam tournament doesn’t happen every day. A little cloak of the past. I told Sam in March. (Sumyk, assistant coach) that I would love to go there. Lens checked. He showed me that I can beat very good players and that I know how to play on the turf. The strongest image will continue to beat Serena on Center Court. It’s the strongest feeling I’ve ever felt in my career.

“I also know that there is a wildcard. (for US Open) by the federation. I don’t know if they will take care of my situation. I hope they think of me (smiles)”

It’s still a great boost, isn’t it?
This proves that the game works. There is still a lot to work on. I need to get the ball much sooner. I’m trying to be more aggressive in my game, I think you can do that.

What’s next now?
I had to withdraw from the Contrexeville tournament because I was still racing here. I had only one tournament left to interrupt at the US Open, and I signed up for a $60,000 dirt tournament in Latvia. (in Liepāja) next week. I’ll do anything to be in the middle. I’m 60 points short (ie one finalist place). We already knew we wouldn’t have points before we came here… I also know that there is a wild card from the Federation. (As part of an exchange with Roland-Garros and the American federation). I don’t know if they will take care of my situation. I hope they think of me (smiles)but there are a lot of people on the list… They started to believe me, it was great playing in the Fed Cup, I thank them for trusting me back then and I hope they will trust me in the future. »

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