Golf: Pat Perez attacks Tiger Woods’ vision

Golf: Pat Perez attacks Tiger Woods’ vision
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If there are two certainties in the world of golf, and particularly in the battle between PGA and LIV golf, it is precisely this: Pat Perez has no tongue in his pocket, and Tiger Woods totally disagrees with splinter league. Influence on the world of golf.

On the eve of the British Open, Woods coldly criticized players joining the new league of golf. Reviews on their motivations, circuit rules, and even the atmosphere infused by LIV golf.

“With what these players are doing for guaranteed money, where is the incentive to train? Where is the incentive to work hard for merit? A few tournaments and they are paid very dearly in advance to play only 54 holes. They play loud music and they have a very different atmosphere,” Woods snapped.

A few months later, controversial Pat Perez attacked Woods and his comments on the podcast. A Butcher’s Sonfrom Claude Harmon III, who has coached several LIV golf stars.

“This is the dumbest bullshit I’ve ever heard in my life. This is one of the dumbest things Tiger Woods has ever said. The motivation is that last place brings in $120,000, first place brings in $4 million. You can’t win $4 million on the PGA Tour. Finally, next year golfers can : they finally got these benefits. But last time I checked [Tiger Woods] After leaving college, he signed a $40 million deal and was traveling on a Nike plane. Still, he found his motivation. He could have stopped everything at that moment,” he said.

There has been harsh criticism from fans and players since a few big names left, including Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau, Brooks Koepka and Cameron Smith. In particular, they were accused of turning a blind eye to dishonest financing from Saudi Arabia in order to pocket the guaranteed astronomical sums. Many denied accepting the LIV golf offer for family reasons, but criticism continued to be intense.

“Monetarily, it’s very interesting to see people talk about it and fix it, but it’s also very interesting to see their stadiums fill up because the NFL started Harmon during games. People go to the stadiums to watch baseball. They’re going to watch basketball. Now they pay college athletes. And nobody He’s okay with that. And of course there’s Tiger Woods’ debut and he criticizes his lack of motivation to train for guaranteed money…”

Dustin Johnson has earned $35.6 million this season on the LIV track alone in eight tournaments with end-of-season titles. Before joining the Splinter league, he earned $74.9 million in 307 PGA tournaments, where he won 24 tournaments.

“Motivation, motivation, being 22nd or 18th, playing well on Sunday and being able to go from $220,000 to $4 million…you won’t find that anywhere else,” Perez said. That’s the motivation. Men are working harder than they have ever done in their lives. It’s very difficult to do that on the PGA Tour. »

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