GOLF: Alexis Thévenin presents himself the Coupe de la Ville d’Autun for the third time

The city of Autun maintains the course, manages the reception and subscriptions, in constant relationship with the sports association volunteers, thus making it golf’s first partner and the city’s most prestigious competition trophy.
The awards ceremony was held in the presence of gardeners Guillaume and Vincent, golfers from Vittel who took Autun in July and traveled for this competition, and 48 participants of the day.
President Jacques Gauchery noted that he was happy to announce this record turnout of the year, noting that the Autun Golf Club events are progressing and the improvements made by the municipal team on the course and that the work should continue. ..

Sports assistant Eric Marchand, after apologizing to mayor Vincent Chauvet, congratulated the sports association for its participation in Autun’s life, especially the Saône-et-Loire games and the sports forum, and thanked all partners, restaurateurs and gardeners. make the clubhouse a sporty, friendly and warm place where he always comes with pleasure.
Didier Charles, the captain of the Games, appreciated the respect for playing times and etiquette in this double Strokeplay and Stableford competition with players from all categories.
Rémi Fulgini, director of the sports and entertainment department, explained that the Autun golf course wants to be environmentally friendly and faces the restrictions of processing the greens (the ban of phytosanitary products in 2025), an organic purification process based on iron. Was established.
Alexis Thevenin was the winner in 2008 and 2010 with 76 points. He trained at golf school, was selected for the constructors league championship every year and also enjoyed the Hobbies practice matches.
Julie Petite, Anne-Marie Dpard, Jean-Paul Coquet, Christian Petite and Jacques Gauchery are the clear winners of the series.
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In addition to the trophies and golf course fees, the city of Autun offered a pot of honey to all winners and current Vitello residents. This is the first harvest of golf sleeves funded by the Lions Club.
Bruno Uhl is the lucky winner of the traditional “one-year practice slips”.
Next week Thierry Lacombe will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Territoire d’hommes and will prepare many surprises for golfers.
Golf pairing with Vittel-Hazeau and Vittel-Ermitage clubs will continue in 2023.

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