Fred Couples doesn’t disdain his words about LIV Golf and opposition players

Fred Couples, the former winner of the Masters and a key figure in American golf for the past three decades, is not there, invited to give his opinion on LIV Golf and the players who decided to join the opposition League, where they signed fantastic contracts. went with the back of the spoon.

protrusion Fred Couples A few days ago Shaw Charity Classictournament Champions TourThe US circuit over the 50s did not go unnoticed. This is related LIV Golf and its main actors. Gamers of course, but also Greg Normanboss LIV Golf Invitation Series It was supposed to revolutionize the game of golf in the 21st century.

All these guys think they’re changing the game but I find it funny, really funnyso it fell in front of the journalists. People who have music on every t-shirt and drink beer and think it’s great. I never thought that these guys would be the cast and crew that did this… »

Some of these “guys” say he kept them under him when he was captain of the USA team. Presidents Cup even as vice-captain. RyderCup. Therefore, he has a great admiration as a golfer. Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka. But when asked what he thought of the dozen golfers who had complained, PGA TourIt’s very clear here too.

All this history, I know where it came from. It comes from leaders that nobody likes for 25 years. And that’s not bad to say. Because it’s just the truth. She \ He is not my friend

Fred Doubles at Greg Norman

I don’t care if they win or losestarted. I’m 62 years old, playing the Champions Tour, but it’s kind of sad. To do what they do… Continuing the Tour when there are probably 200+ players on the same Round, I find it really weird. It’s even weird. »

Before adding an ironic tone to those who sued the Tour, where they raised a lot of money, in addition to signing particularly juicy contracts: I love it Charles Schwartzel (winner of the first tournament in London at the beginning of June) i won i love it (Branden) Grace to win (in Portland during the second leg)… I’m glad they’re gone but I really wish they’d stop attacking the PGA Tour like that. They don’t want to be a part of it anymore, but they don’t hesitate to sue him. But go make your millions and play golf. This much ! »

The couple also got the opportunity, according to him, to knock out the instigator of this “riot”, namely the Australian Greg Norman. One thing is for sure, they won’t be spending their holidays together…

All these things, I know where they come fromhe continues. It comes from leaders that nobody likes for 25 years. And that’s not bad to say. Because it’s just the truth. She \ He is not my friend. And it will never happen because we don’t get along. But he organizes a Tour that he finds incredible… »

Photo: USA Today

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