Final Word: 3 final thoughts on Michigan’s win against Rutgers

Final Word: 3 final thoughts on Michigan’s win against Rutgers
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Final Word: 3 final thoughts on Michigan’s win against Rutgers

Saturday wasn’t pleasant for a good part of the game but it doesn’t have to be when you leave with the win. Michigan used a strong second half performance in a 52-17 defeat against Rutgers.

At first, things were a little unsettling for the Wolverines, where more than one thing went wrong. These errors resulted in a three-point halftime deficit for the Wolverines.

Unfortunately, in the second half, the defense stepped in and neutralized the Scarlet Knights’ attack.

Below are the Wolverines’ last three wins against Rutgers/

Michigan second half team

Other than Michigan blowing up in the first half or the Wolverines returning the favor to their opponent, it’s not worth worrying about what the team is doing in the first half because all its damage has come in the second half this season. .

Whether producing offensively or defensively, the Wolverines have proven to come close and make their mark when it matters, especially in the third quarter.

Rutgers tried to keep up the offense in the first half. The Scarlet Knights quickly hit a wall in the third quarter with two key tackles from Michael Barrett, one of which was back for the six pick. The Wolverines have lost just 6 points overall in the third quarter this season, followed by Rutgers taking zeros in the third half and the entire second half.

Again, thanks to defensive coordinator Jesse Minter and his team for consistently having a plan and responding to what teams throw on the defensive. Timely adjustments proved to make an already good UM defense even better.

If it’s an “off” day for Blake Corum, Michigan will be fine

While he certainly doesn’t look like himself on the outside, if that day’s 100-yard, two-touchdown performance is considered “off” for Blake Corum, then the Wolverines will be in good shape.

Things looked easy in the first quarter after a 30-plus-yard touchdown was recalled with a penalty, with significant third-innings and a goal in the fourth inning at the goal line.

Either way, Corum has rushed 100 yards in every Big Ten game this season and looked good doing it. He is tied to the top of the nation in rush hits and currently leads the nation in points.

Again, if what we’re doing on Saturday isn’t his best, then Çorum is on a different level than everyone else.

Rare custom team bugs

Even though he improved a lot in the second half, the Wolverines made extremely rare mistakes against Rutgers in special teams. From a missed mission that led to a blocked tails, uncharacteristic penalties, and Jake Moody missing multiple field goals (albeit by over 50 yards), the Wolverines’ special teams were far from special on Saturday.

While history under Jay Harbaugh has proven that negative trends don’t usually occur under his leadership, it’s clear that the special teams group is going to have a disturbing movie session to watch this week as the practice gets more fine-tuned.

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