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Figures of rivalry between Djokovic and Federer

The Federer-Djokovic duel had more episodes than the legendary Federer-Nadal duel. Numbers decryption between Serbs and Swiss before this Sunday shock.

3 The number of matches between two stars at Wimbledon. For two victories for Novak Djokovic in the final (2014, 2015) and a feat for Roger Federer in the semi-finals (2012).

5 In 2019 mid-season, Federer won three titles (Dubai, Miami, Halle). Djokovic has collected two (Australian Open and Madrid).

8 An eight-time Wimbledon winner (2003, 2004, 2005 2006. 2007, 2009, 2012, 2017), Roger Federer sits single-handedly ahead of William Renshaw and Pete Sampras in the men’s standings for most titles. Novak Djokovic has won four times at Church Road (2011, 2014, 2015, 2018).

11th Roger Federer, who won at Halle, has 11 wins in 2019 with zero losses on turf.

12 The Swiss are playing their twelfth Wimbledon final this Sunday (an absolute record), while the Serbian is sixth.

15 World number one has a clear advantage in 15 Grand Slam duels. The Serbian is 6 to 9 wins ahead and hasn’t lost against Switzerland in a Major since Wimbledon 2012. Their last defeat against Switzerland in the final dates back to the US Open 2007! In a Major final, the Serbian lead 3-1 in a Head-to-head final. Djokovic also won three games in five sets against Federer.

37 Roger Federer’s age; 32 for Djokovic

38 Federer’s victories at the track in 2019. More from Djokovic (34). The Swiss suffered four defeats. The Serbian lost six times.

47 In their duel, it’s a short advantage for Djokovic, who is leading 25v22. The dynamic is clearly for the Serbian as they won their last four matches, including the last one at Paris-Bercy last November, in the tie-break of the third set. .

56 The two champions have reached the Grand Slam finals 56 times between them (31 times for Federer, 25 times for Djokovic).

101 Federer’s victories at Wimbledon (absolute record) for 12 losses. 71 wins (10 losses) for Djokovic, making him the third player to draw with Boris Becker in the number of successes in London.

176 Accumulated titles for two champions (102 for Federer, 74 for Djokovic) at the Grand Slam, including 35 (20 for Federer, 15 for Djokovic) and 32 Masters 1000 for Djokovic, 28 for Federer.

310 The weeks passed by Roger Federer as world number one; 259 for Djokovic

353 With 353 wins (56 losses), Federer holds the number of meetings won in Grand Slam tournaments. Second Novak Djokovic won “only” 276 (42 losses).

1998 Federer’s professional debut for Djokovic was 2003.

2006 Federer won the first of 47 duels between the two stars in the first round of Monte-Carlo.

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