Events Expos Fest: Jose Canseco arrives in Quebec

Perry Giannias is used to lure former Expos players to Quebec. Since the famous Jose Canseco arrived in La Belle State this weekend, he decided to aim for the runway this time. The Expos Fest honcho wants to get closer to its ultimate goal: to raise $1 million for brain cancer research through the Children’s Hospital of Montreal.

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“This is the first time Canseco is coming to Quebec for an autograph session,” Giannias proudly announces, noting that the event will take place on Sunday from 11:00 to 13:00 at the Ultime Sports Collection store in Laval.

“I try to be involved, especially for sick kids,” says the former Oakland Athletics star, who wore the colors of the Expos, a training camp in 2002. “I go to golf tournaments, to poker. tournaments and autograph sessions.”

Canseco retains little about his brief stint with the Montreal club. Led by then-manager Frank Robinson, the Expos had decided to relegate him to the minor leagues after spending a little over a month at the team’s camp in Florida. However, the veteran chose to retire rather than join the AAA-level Ottawa Lynx. Young outfielder Brad Wilkerson was ahead of him in the hierarchy during camp.

“I don’t have many friends in the baseball world anymore,” Canseco commented, confirming that he had no contact with other Expos players after his brief stint. “When I published the book, everyone turned their backs on me. juice

Are you ostensibly acting for the A’s?

If he was once a big star and was a major contributor to the World Series, which was won by the Athletics in 1989, Canseco was most talked about when he lifted the curtain on steroid use in baseball in a book published in 2005.

Since then, the former actor, now 58, has never been afraid to speak his mind. Just this week, he advised Aaron Judge to leave the Yankees and accused New York fans of booing their star during the playoffs. In 2000, Canseco wore the colors of the Yankees and received a second World Series ring in the process.

Canseco, who played nine seasons in athletics, was also asked what he thought about the future of the team.

“I didn’t want the club to leave Oakland, but I think the time has come,” he replied, believing that in the event of a move, Las Vegas might be the destination.

  • On Sunday, it will cost $50 to get an autograph from Jose Canseco at the Ultime Sports Collection store in Laval.
  • If the Expos Fest website shows a harvest of $955,000 to date, a grand gala is already planned for spring 2023 that will highlight the success of one million.

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