Édouard Julien close to baseball

Édouard Julien close to baseball
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Édouard Julien close to baseball

Édouard Julien has never been closer to his dream of getting into the major baseball leagues. Returning to Quebec, the Minnesota Twins are keeping their cool despite the organization putting him on the 40-player roster, giving him the opportunity to hit the big leagues at any time.

Going AA-level with the Twins’ Wichita branch and rising to another level in the Arizona Fall League, Julien found a very different backdrop in his snow-covered hometown.

From the comfort of the dome at Stade Canac, Julien looked back at the dream season, which ended with the Twins’ 40-man roster with great confidence.


“I was very happy when I got the news. I’m sure I didn’t think about it all year. I expected it after the season but it’s still a very good moment.

“I’m in a better position because I’m on the 40 list, but I’ve always believed in my luck. The 23-year-old concluded by hinting at the ultimate dream of Major League Baseball.

Direction AAA?

Defined as the 14th candidate of the Twins by, he continues to climb the rankings at full speed.

His production at AA got him invited to Arizona, where he ruined everything this fall. He led the Autumn League with a .400 batting average and 23 walks, as well as finishing in the top three in innings (28) and home runs (5).

His .563 course average was the third-highest in league history, and Julien was even a finalist for most valuable player.

“The goal for me is the same every year and to go to the first league. I think I’ll start in Saint Paul [AAA]But I’m not certain,” he said.

first party

Julien will have the opportunity to attend the Twins’ full training camp for the first time in his young career. He played a friendly match in the Grapefruit League last year.

“It will allow me to work shoulder to shoulder with the great players and learn from them. It’s fun to face, fight against players from the major leagues, which is Gemini’s 18th round pick in 2019,” he smiled.

In the footsteps of Maranda

For Julien, the first steps in the majors will have a very special taste. In the greater Quebec City area, no players have reached the major leagues since Lévisien Georges Maranda in 1960.

“I didn’t know that George Maranda was the last. It’s been a long time and I hope to be next. This is my dream. I’m glad that players like him are emerging to pave the way for other young Quebecs. I have great admiration,” he said.

Julien didn’t hide that at times in bound baseball it was “hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel”, but that he would continue to hone his patience until the big day.

“I am very patient, but I have always dreamed of it. Now that I’m on the 40-player roster, he may allow me to be called back any time during the year, but I try not to think about it. »

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