Drama with its strong women wins the match against patriarchy

This is a brilliant example of what a reboot should be! Thirty years after the movie An extraordinary teamDirected by Penny Marshall and worn by Geena Davis, Tom Hanks and Madonna, A league of their ownAn eight-part series available on Amazon Prime Video, it follows the formation, trials, and tribulations of a women’s baseball team in the United States during World War II. This refreshing series on empowerment – ​​strictly queer – is in the champions league. Let’s review the service record.

Like the 1992 movie based on a true story, A league of their own It tells the true story of the pioneers of women’s sports in the United States. In an America in the middle of a world war, men and many athletes are at the forefront. To bring the public back to stadiums, baseball league leaders came up with the idea of ​​creating the first all-female professional baseball teams.

The film focused on the story of Dottie Hinson, played by Geena Davis, a character inspired by the catcher Dottie Green. The series also anchors a receptive character named Carson Shaw, a woman who gives up everything to join the Peaches team.

Portrait of a sexist, racist and homophobic society

Carson Shaw is played on screen by Abbi Jacobson, to whom we owe. Wide CityA fun cult feminist drama about the friendship of two twenties in New York in the 2010s. He co-created the series with Will Graham, the designer of another nugget available on Amazon Prime Video. Mozart in the forest.

A league of their own he talks about the place of women in the 1940s, not just baseball… An unpleasantly feminine situation that echoes our times, both the disregard for women’s sport and the sexist and misogynistic statements in the stands still apply. relating to.

The series splits its time between the Rockford Peaches team debut and Max (Chanté Adams), an ambitious shooter who is excluded from the league for being black.

Most baseball team members are lesbians. “During the promotion, the creators of the series spoke to professional actress Maybelle Blair, who said that the number of lesbians is very representative and that she herself is a lesbian, this is how she first appeared at the age of 95. ”says Lauriane of Lesbien Raisonnable media.

Players frequent underground nightclubs, follow strict rules to hide their sexual orientation, and act tough in the league’s version of femininity. “We were in a society where concealment was absolutely necessary because otherwise we risked being locked up in a psychiatric hospital or lobotomy,” Lauriane recalls.

A landmark queer representation

One of the stories follows the romance between Carson and his teammate Greta (D’Arcy Carden, fun Janet). good place). The creator of Lesbien Raisonnable continues, “This is a series that will put its stamp on the representation of lesbians in this series.”

And to explain: “There are more and more lesbian, queer, bisexual and pansexual characters in fiction, but often these characters are simply told through a love story or the plot focuses on the unfolding. We have a love story there, of course, but we also have something quite rare in fiction: the representation of lesbian friendship. A league of their own It features lesbian, queer, bis or a few people who don’t really know the lead roles, talking without a love issue between them, but just as friends. »

Although none of the characters in the movie are openly lesbians, An extraordinary team creator Abbi Jacobson calls Yahoo an “iconic LGBT movie.” “It’s one of those movies with a lot of subtext. It was hard to make a movie with that many lesbians in 1992, but there were some clues,” Lauriane analyzes.

Rosie O’Donnell, who plays Doris, one of the most blatant crypto-lesbian characters in the movie, coincidentally returns to the show in a glorious cameo as the owner of a gay bar.

An exciting series on empowerment

Most sports fiction explores how individuals learn to be successful on a team, by sticking together. A league of their own It takes a slightly different route and also shows how a team’s safety net allows an individual to realize their full potential.

Throughout eight episodes, each of the heroines will find their own way to destroy the image of the woman they need to be in order to truly be who they are. “The series shows how you find your team, sporty or not,” emphasizes Lauriane.

With this sharp dialogue, exciting staging, inspiring interpretation, this amazing historical drama in baseball, Friday night lights Where ted lasso, It’s about something much bigger than sports.

It’s about living the life you never expected to live because of your gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. A lively message for a series with a mainstream “lesbian genius”.

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