Comment: Is it time to talk about Brady Cook and 2023?

It took all 12 weeks of the season, but on Black Friday we finally saw hope for the future of the Missouri offense.

The Tigers scored in six of his first seven drives, putting Mizzou ahead 29-21 and expected a 29-27 win. Dominik Lovett At least as of now, it has moved up to number four on the SEC’s regular season admissions list. Luther Burden scored a goal. Cody Schrader i did that too. Mookie Cooper and Meki Miller contributed. All of these players are scheduled to return next season.

“We showed what a Missouri offense can be,” Lovett said after a six-130-yard catch.

Quarterback “I would say that’s a pretty accurate statement” brady the cook When asked if it was a glimpse into the future for Friday’s Mizzou passing game, he said. “It shows that we can give the ball to many different athletes and that many different people can play.”

Cook was one of the guys who made these games. Maybe most of them. It’s been deleted all season – and I’m not taking the blame here because I’ve been right there with you so many times –brady the cook brought together the best game of the year. KJ Jefferson’ed is out kj jefferson.

Cook completed 16 of 26 passes for 242 yards and a touchdown. He rushed 18 times for 138 yards and another score. That’s a total of 380 yards to Jefferson’s 243. He was the most rushed yardage by a Missouri quarterback since. James Franklin Defeated North Carolina at the 2011 Independence Bowl. Cook talked about learning to get his outs and what the defense gave him.

“Sometimes the starting point is my feet,” he said.

Perhaps more than all these numbers were: the third and fourth face-off with two minutes left in the game, Eli Drinkwitz He finally showed Cook the confidence he hadn’t shown all season. Instead of running the ball back to the Razorbacks and relying on their defense, Drinkwitz Bush Hamdan Let the game ride on Cook’s right arm. Passed to real freshman Meki Miller For a 22-yard win that effectively ended Arkansas’ chances and sealed Missouri’s sixth win.

“We wanted to win the game,” Drinkwitz said.

Would he have made that decision a few weeks ago and left the game in the quarterback’s hands?

“I don’t know,” he said. “But we made it today.”

Here’s why: Cook has completed 90 (65.2%) of 138 passes for 1081 yards and seven touchdowns in his last five games. He ran the ball for 385 yards 60 times and scored four more goals. He did it all with a total turnover.

The Tigers won three of these games for scraping and clawing for guaranteed bowling eligibility. A 17-14 win over Vanderbilt in Game 7 of the season and Cook led Missouri 4-2 in the second half of the season, a freak that ended in a 5-1 away game against Kentucky.

The person speaking about Cook cited his growing confidence as a reason for his upvote. But it’s not just Cook’s confidence. The coach team seems to believe they can play a game for them more than they did in the first half of the season. Maybe so are his teammates.

“That means a lot,” Cook said. “We had to make a game to win the game. I think this game helped us a little bit.

The real question is: Is it enough for Eli Drinkwitz to be quarterback in 2023?

It depends on two guesses.

Cooper was one of four wide receivers with multiple catches on Friday.  All four could return next season.

Cooper was one of four wide receivers with multiple catches on Friday. All four could return next season. (D. Medley/USA Today)

First of all, what do the Tigers think they have? Sam Horn? Those of us who are not in the building every day have no idea. Horn has made two passes this season and has rushed once for ten yards. He was on the field for just one shooting streak against New Mexico State. We know he has four stars next to his name. We know that he has the physique of an NFL quarterback and a right arm that can throw the ball at 95 mph. We don’t know if he’ll be a good quarterback in the Southeastern Conference.

The other projection is about Cook himself. Any more growth? Or is the performance we’ve seen in the last five weeks – which was better but not stellar – the ceiling?

Cook took big strides in the off-season to win the business. He made big strides throughout the season to the point where Missouri had a really competent offense. But is this offense good enough to win a significant number of games in 2023? This is a fair question. Missouri needs a relatively consistent quarterback game, at least on Saturday next season, and they won’t have the luxury of playing a defense as porous as Arkansas’s every week.

Obviously, Missouri will have to keep putting stones around – and in front of – him. It’s not all about the quarterback. However, despite the frequent stacking of many of us on Cook this season, he has never been completely quarterback. For most of the year, the common point of contention was that Missouri was one quarterback away from having a good team. But what if they already have that quarterback?

Cook averaged 293.2 yards total scrimmage in the final five weeks of the season, scored 11 goals and flipped the ball once. A loss could have varied according to an incredibly stupid-looking rule, including when a bookie is no longer a bookie. In the other, the normally reliable Missouri defense lost 66 points.

Cook earned the suspicion we all had in the first seven weeks of the season. Despite everything, he never answered. Maybe it bothered him. We really don’t know. says it isn’t.

“My mentality hasn’t changed at all,” he said. “I know there’s a lot of noise out there. It’s part of the job of being an SEC quarterback. I’ve struggled through many hardships. I’ll keep fighting for Mizzou. I love this school. I love this team. I love all our coaches. And no voiceover is going to change that.”

If we insist that criticism wins, we must also be willing to admit that it forces us to rethink. He speaks like a leader. Will he be the leader of this team in 2023? For the first time in a whole year, I’m open to the possibility.

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