Cognac: table tennis club looking for a base

Like the Youth Field next door, the martial arts clubs established in the dojo, as well as the table tennis club, are required to leave the building within a year to make room for the Office…

Like the Espace jeunes next door, the table tennis club – as well as the martial arts clubs established in the dojo – are being asked to leave the building within a year, making room for the National Interprofessional Cognac Office (BNIC). Build on these plots and the parking lot of the green room, its future headquarters. “It’s a great project, it’s good that the city has come here”interrupted André Sardet, for whom that is not the question. “We just want to relive it with dignity.”

We agreed with the leaders of Châteaubernard that it would be very difficult to host the two clubs in the current situation.

And moving with dignity means moving to a structure that meets the needs of the club, which has 82 members, 45 of whom are young. “Let’s take our dynamics and expectations into consideration”supports the president. Today, in the current complex, which was opened in 1993, UAC can count on 650 m² for sports practice. “We have 26 tables in total and use 12-13 playing fields all year”, says André Sardet. Also space to store unused tables and all separators (185 in total). But it’s also an office, two changing rooms, showers, toilets and a small reception area for the public. So in total about 800 m².

Negotiations have been initiated with City and Grand Cognac regarding a future delivery point. However, the two offers made for the moment do not suit the club at all. The first path leads to the Jean-Monnet community hall in Châteaubernard, where the city’s table tennis club and its 22 members reside. “We agreed with the leaders of Châteaubernard that it would be very difficult to host the two clubs. Because there is not enough space. You can put up to 10 tables in a 430 m² room. This is far below our common needs. We are especially growing in number and aiming for 100 members. »

Enlarge the Jean-Monnet room?

The other track leads to the Espace 3000. But the latter is not at all suitable for sports. “Not to mention that 60 days of the year are devoted to shows. And each time there is a week of immobilization where we can’t train. » As for the Vauzelles room, which is already filled with basketball, handball and gym, “Not worth even thinking about”.

To untie this Gordian knot, André Sardet multiplies meetings with the various actors of the dossier. On 10 June, the mayor invited Morgan Berger and Didier Gois (in charge of the Grand Cognac sports associations) to meet the real needs of the club. When asked about the subject (by CL), the mayor gets in touch. “It’s too early to talk about it. Even if it’s progressing, nothing is set”responds to the chief of staff. André Sardet hopes in every situation “The city has other ideas because either way it is unsatisfactory. But we are open and patient..

But as fast as possible. Because the clock is ticking. “First groundbreaking announced in spring 2023. Already tomorrow”He draws attention to the president, who was assured by the suspension of the sale of land: The work will only begin when the clubs and the Youth Area are relocated,” he said.

One solution could be to enlarge the Jean-Monnet room, to push the walls. Especially since André Sardet was not opposed to a merger with Châteaubernard. “medium or long term”. But it requires money and is not on the schedule of Grand Cognac’s multi-year investment plan to 2026. Unless of course the Cognac City put the pot in the pot, which got some pretty valuable value from the sale of its land. BNIC was sold for 340,000 euros more than the Estates price, precisely for the purpose of relocating everyone. But we’ll have to act fast. “We have already lost 15 months. »

Espace jeunes also want to know

If martial arts clubs (boxing, aikido, ju-jitsu, taekwondo) are to take shelter in the Polignac room, the Youth Area is waiting like table tennis. “We are looking for a suitable place on the surface close to what we have now (200 m²) and it is not easy”, assistant director, Julien Descoubes, is a little worried. Because today, Espace jeunes is ideally located, close to its centre, the port and the cognac museum where many events take place. “We know we won’t find the same, but if we could stay downtown, with a little exterior, that would be perfect. »

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