Clément Sordet: “It’s a big bonus if I can finish the top 5”

Clément Sordet, who finished 11th in four tournaments before the end of the season at Mallorca Road, is in a very good position to return to the European top league. Lyonnais even hopes to take the top five final places.

Nathan CARDET’s interview at Pont Royal

Golf Planète: How do you feel before this Hopps Open de Provence?
Clement Sherbet : To be honest, I’m a little tired. End of season, we’re not going bad. I feel a bit at home afterward because I don’t live far away but I’m a bit tired since I finished my move for the last two days. I don’t expect much after that, I know that I am in France, I do not put too much pressure on myself there, I will continue to do what I did from the beginning. year and we’ll see.

How do you relate to this Pont Royal course?

On top of that, I’ve never played a tournament. I came to play a few games a few years ago but the course is great. You have to find narrow, correct starting lines and it can be very difficult if it’s windy. Indeed, you need to quickly mark the right areas where you should or shouldn’t go and only focus on where you want to go, because if you look at the danger all the time, it’s not crazy.

At the beginning of the year I was lucky enough to win a tournament that gave me a good start.

You are currently in 11th place on the Road, we think you are absolutely satisfied with this season…

There is a very high level on the Challenge Tour… I feel like I had a very good season and I was “only” 11th. It’s hard to finish in the top 20. I was lucky enough to win a tournament at the beginning of the year and it got me off to a good start, but it’s still a long way to the final with a lot of points. stake… The goal is to finish the top 20, it’s almost done but if I can finish the top 5 it’s a big bonus. That’s the purpose. We could potentially play the big tournaments Dubai and Abu Dhabi at the start of the season on the DP World Tour. He later died because we didn’t play them, but he could start the season well.

Surprised at the level of the Challenge Tour after four seasons on the DP World Tour?

Each year the level increases in the Challenge Tour. When I was there, I saw that it was a very high level. For me there are about 40-50 players on the European Tour who could potentially win. So this proves to be a very high level.

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