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Carlos Alcaraz: It doesn’t make sense to compare myself to Rafael Nadal

It was the great absence of masters. If he finally went to Turin to lift the world’s #1 trophy at the end of the year, Carlos Alcaraz made no secret of his disappointment at not being able to play in the Masters tournament due to an abdominal injury. But the Murcian genius has now turned the page and is in Tenerife, where he enjoys a well-deserved few days’ vacation. But on Tuesday, he held a press conference where he discussed his new condition, fitness and outlook for the 2023 season.

And he hasn’t escaped the now traditional question about his resemblance to the illustrious leader of his course and second place in the standings, Rafael Nadal. But it soon cut short. “It doesn’t make sense to compare me to Rafa. It doesn’t matter if I’m number 1 in the world, everything he does in his career is much more important. He’s still playing at a very high level. I wouldn’t even consider leaving the stage if I were you.he thought.

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Being number 1 is not a burden to me

Is Carlos Alcaraz angry? Would she begin to feel the pressure of her new status as world number 1? “No, it doesn’t weigh me down, provided. I try to take it as normal and I never forget that no matter what happens in the future, I have to enjoy tennis and play my way. Next season will be difficult because I will start as a favorite and there will be a lot of pressure on me. But I try to keep it on the good side and I don’t let everything get in my head

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Clear, Alcaraz therefore knows what awaits him. Reaching the top so quickly was already a great achievement, staying there will not be an easier task. And to achieve this, it is better to start 2023 with 100% of their physical capabilities. In this respect, the recovery from his injury in Bercy continues slowly but surely. The well-deserved rest in the coming weeks will be crucial to tackle the Australian Open in the best possible conditions, where he can play without a prep tournament.

Because Murcian is ambitious and takes it on. And although he doesn’t like to be compared to his compatriot Rafael Nadal, he can’t help looking into the eyes of the legend. “I hope I can take on or surpass him in our head-to-head encounters and achieve at least half of what he has accomplished in my career.To achieve this, Alcaraz has more work to do, but wants nothing less.


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