Blue Jays are reportedly considering signing centerback to trade Bo Bichette

Blue Jays are reportedly considering signing centerback to trade Bo Bichette
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Blue Jays are reportedly considering signing centerback to trade Bo Bichette

Bo Bichette is the perfect player for the Toronto Blue Jays. While the short stop isn’t great defensively, he’s usually a tough putter in the ball.

In the short term, the club has nothing to fear as there are three seasons left to qualify for free agency.

It should make about five million dollars by 2023.

However, as I’ve explained in the past, Blue Jays need to start thinking a bit long-term. Who will still be there in a few years?

In three years, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and he will have their autonomy. The Blue Jays can’t afford to lose both men, and it looks like there’s nothing close for a long-term star contract right now.

Do you think it’s still early? Ask the Red Sox (Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers) if time passes faster than you think…

All this to say that if the Jays continue the status quo this winter, it won’t matter… but that doesn’t stop them from thinking ahead and considering other scenarios.

What if the club considers the possibility of offering a gold bridge to a short defender who is free to trade Bichette? It’s a theory circulating among major league baseball agents.

Is it likely? I do not think so. After all, Bichette is part of the solution and is still in Toronto in the medium term. He also loves the city.

Also, a receiver will turn off to fill holes elsewhere.

Before we talk about “Ronald Acuna Jr. vs. Bo Bichette,” we’re going to have to calm down a bit because that’s not going to happen.

But a CEO’s job is to think outside the box sometimes. And short-range big-name free agents WHERE they’re available…

I believe the Jays will do anything to extend Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s contract for a long time, but Bichette’s situation is more uncertain. Along with the other good guys in town, I feel like the club really wants to keep him, but not like with Vladdy at all costs.

Also note that Bichette is not the best defender on the half and the club is considering moving him to second base. Is it possible? Maybe.

But the problem remains the number of big contracts the club may have in the long run.

Toronto may not lose Bichette for nothing in a few years, but it’s too soon to consider trading him without a plan B as the club wants to win the playoffs. I’m pretty sure he will be the club’s short centre-back in 2023, but that could change quickly in the sporting world.

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