Blue Jays are in trouble

Another exciting September for some Major League Baseball teams. Let’s save the Blue Jays for last. We should not declare victory too quickly and believe that John Schneider’s unit will be featured in the series.

In the world of baseball, nothing is impossible. A few weeks ago, the New York Yankees were sitting comfortably at the top of the Eastern Division. A streak of wins with the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays on their comeback, along with their comeback, has many experts’ eyes widened. But the Bronx Bombers continue to fly Tampa Bay and Toronto with ease.

It would take a miracle in Brother André’s style to witness a spectacular comeback that would put the Blue Jays ahead of the rich Yankees franchise. Meanwhile, the Jays’ vice president of communications, Richard Griffin, a former Montrealer, must convince coach John Schneider to pay a brief visit to Montreal to climb the oratory ladder on his knees to enlist the support of his brother Andrew. .

Recall that in 1993, during the Stanley Cup series, Canadian coach Jacques Demers made a pilgrimage to the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre. We know the rest. CH had won the Stanley Cup.

New formula to the series

Teams with the two best records among divisional champions this year will have a good time in the first round. The other four will play a best of three series where team #6 will face team #3 and team #5 will face team #4.

After a disastrous three-time loss at home to the Los Angeles Angels, the Jays find themselves in sixth and last place in the playoffs ahead of the staggering Baltimore Orioles.

No depth in the mound

I see an obvious weakness among beginner shooters in Toronto. Unlike September of previous seasons, teams can add up to 15 players to their roster.

I don’t think adding two players to the roster this year will be enough to take the team to the playoffs.

Jays fans should light lanterns or hang rosaries on clotheslines to hope for a Baltimore Orioles knockdown in September.

Congratulations to the Quebec women’s baseball program

Baseball Québec’s new senior program for girls has paid off with some interesting dividends during the recent Canadian championships.

This program even attracts the attention of baseball officials in other provinces. Quebec 2 teams can compete as well as Quebec 1 teams. Alongside the 21U teams, the 16U teams won gold and the senior team won silver.

Among the boys, wee representatives from Lanaudière hung gold around their necks, while junior category players, many of whom took part in the provincial finals of the Quebec Games in Laval, climbed to the second rung of the hall of fame. .

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