Baseball: Who is Dominic Scheffler, the young Swiss smash to the big MLB?

Baseball: Who is Dominic Scheffler, the young Swiss smash to the big MLB?
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Baseball: Who is Dominic Scheffler, the young Swiss smash to the big MLB?

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BaseballWho is Dominic Scheffler, the young Swiss who attacked the big MLB?

At just 17, the Zurich native joined the Cincinnati Reds. He would become the first Swiss-trained player of the modern era to play in Major League Baseball. Big plan.

Dominic Scheffler (right) represents the future of Swiss baseball.

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The Cincinnati Reds announced on Friday that they have signed Swiss young talent Dominic Scheffler. This is a historic contract for Switzerland because the Zurich native is the first international player (!) to participate in the world’s biggest baseball championship since Otto Hess of Bern 100 years ago. A leap towards the deep end.

Even though Dominic Scheffler is not even 17 years old, he has already had great sports experiences. The left-handed shooter played for two seasons in Japan, where he trained. This experience allowed him to attend the Baseball Academy in Regensburg, Germany, and continue to realize his passion. Dominic Scheffler attended Seattle University before eventually joining the Cincinnati Reds. However, the Swiss will pass a bachelor’s degree before joining the American franchise.

Scheffler also has some international experience, representing Switzerland with the Under-18 and Under-23. His new size could allow him to play with the first team in the 2023 European Championship.

clear technical qualifications

Technically, Dominic Scheffler has the obvious qualifications. “The progress it has made is extraordinary,” the Regensburg Academy said in January 2022. According to Cincinnati analysts, his fastball is good and reaches 94 MPH (mph, over 150 km/h). He also has an effective breaking point and exhibits a clean shot with good arm movements. Scheffler had received the award for best shooter in 2020, playing for the Zurich Barracudas in the Swiss second division.

Dominic Scheffler is Cincinnati’s 15th rookie this winter. The Reds, who finished the league in 26th place last season, want to get stronger. It will take firm shoulders and work to help the young Swiss talent find a place in MLB to make his mark on Swiss baseball history.

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