Baseball: One player achieved incredible success

st. Louis Cardinals nominee Chandler Redmond became the second player Wednesday night to achieve an unusual feat in the modern era of baseball: the runaway carousel.

Indeed, the Springfield Cardinals color holder absolutely dazzled in a 21-4 landslide victory over Amarillo Sod Poodles in a Tier AA game. The hero of the night hit four of the winners’ eight long balls and drove in 11 runs; slaps were therefore good for one, two, three and four points.

The only other author of such a performance is Tyrone Horne. Also thriving for the AA subsidiary of the Cardinals, which was based in Arkansas at the time, he had gotten everything in the Texas league on July 27, 1998.

“Incredible. In the comments reported by, I don’t know what words to say to describe my feelings right now,” said Redmond.

four rounds in a row

The left-handed batter began his demolition work at the start of the fifth inning when he shot a shot over the fence to left court over the fence with a two-stroke. Then, in the next round, he continued with an 11-4 grand slam. On the seventh, a solo homer added another swing down the field. Finally, along with two runners in eighth, he threw the ball over the right-court fence this time, with a fourth long ball and an all-homerun carousel in multiple innings.

“When I took the Grand Slam, I had some doubts about the carousel, but I quickly erased it from my mind. Redmond, I thought this was just my second game of multiple home runs in professional baseball. However, after I had my solo hit, I thought I could make it. So I came out in the rectangle and had two. I thought of this when I saw the runner. Everything was falling into place, I could have made it. You needed to stay calm and be yourself, but if I had a chance to hit the ball hard, I shouldn’t have missed it.

Working at second base, the 25-year-old placed 965th overall in the 32nd round of the 2019 draft. This season, he has 17 four bases in 252 plate matches at AA level.

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