Baseball bat, iron bar, knife… the cost of old competition cuts to 3 years

Impressive police force for the trial at Chaumont judicial court on Friday, 5th August, of the four heroes of violence, both at meetings and at gunpoint. In the last two days of July, Chevillon saw the return of hatred between the two families.

“Looks like you’re saying everywhere you want to smash my g…”. Hearing this rumor, Dimitri J. has too much courage not to ask Elliott, to whom the deadly intent was lent to him. Shopping among the youth kicks off with a bang at Chevillon on Saturday, July 30th. Elliott’s father gets involved. “I would have stabbed myself in the back if it weren’t for my son”: in the bar of the Chaumont court, his voice rings, the man comes alive. “When (Dimitri) pulled out the knife, I went to my garage to get the stick”. His accuser stayed at the docks with his brother, David. Like two of their colleagues, the brothers were taken from their cells to stand trial. “If I wanted to sew, I would,” President Louise told Lena. Elliott blames his brother David for himself. “There was a lot of audience, he liked it”. The interested party protests: their story “doesn’t interest him”. Moreover, he is not on trial because of the events of 30 July.

an old dispute

“Tommy C., who learned what happened on Saturday, plans to take revenge the next day (Sunday, July 31)”. They go to Dimitri’s house with Elliott, and David’s father tells them where Dimitri is… then warns his sons. Tommy has an iron rod… and he uses it, Elliott has a baseball bat… and Dimitri draws a knife, David has an iron rod. On the way, an eyewitness is shot… Chased as they go to find two outlaws. “My brother David took a blow from the iron bar in his hip”: Dimitri wants to say this loud and clear to President Lena. A credit for the comeback, Tommy replies. Assistant prosecutor Alexandre Djindian wonders: Why were Dimitri and David armed? “These guns were in the (witness) car, not mine”. President Lena points out the length of the blade, “so impressive”… Dimitri cut himself. Tommy’s defender, Me Renaud Tribolet, turns to Dimitri to exhume an old case and is put on trial, yes, it is heard. However, the council recalls that the latter were convicted for hitting an uncle of Elliott and Tommy with a hammer in the head. And to add what was left by his client and his brother: his great violence. Dimitri remembers this case very well: “A story from 8 years ago”. If Me Tribolet wants to draw attention to the horror Dimitri aroused by invoking the past, it also highlights that there was a serious argument between the two brothers, and previously prevented Dimitri from “explaining” the facts in July 2022.

“I’m getting out of prison and then bam”

“I go out and then boom”. Dimitri gets gassed, here he is again in the prison he was in “four months ago”. Worked in custody; today, he is a regular casual; alcohol consumes only on weekends -beer-; set aside “a joint or two”, the marijuana is gone; he no longer touches heroin; his “hyperactivity”, neuroleptics help him to control it. What does he think about all this? He made this clear to President Louise Lena: “I’m disgusted.” A reviewer notes twice that he missed a revision of his last sentence because of the arguments. There is also a criminal record blackened with 21 records. His brother David has six. “I wanted to impose myself to say that the family should never be touched”. This means that 8-year-old Tommy, mentioned in his criminal record, denied going on a criminal expedition on Sunday (July 31st). On the other hand, yes, he was very alcoholic. His younger brother, Elliott, named 3 in the records, argues the same thesis: he accompanies his brother with an iron bar, “but not to fight him.”

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“Migration law has won”

“These facts have impacted the Joinville area, which regularly experiences this type of violence. Fortunately, the gendarmerie quickly intervened. In the indictment, deputy prosecutor Alexandre Djindian points out that brothers Elliott and Tommy put the law of retaliation above the laws of the republic. Why did Elliott watch the vengeful madness of his biggest baseball bat on July 31st? 2 years probation and 10 months in prison before demanding it. Against David, who revised his statements downward, taking into account the “pressure” of his brother Dimitri, who was “more unrepentant” than the other heroes involved in the events of July 30 and 31. In the victim status, the public prosecutor demanded a 16-month prison sentence, 4 months of which was 2 years of probation, and demanded that the sentence be adjusted for the company year. From Tommy “seeing red” on July 31 to the point of “knocking” the hood of a car on the road with a crowbar, the magistrate claims he was the instigator of the July 31 expedition he had planned ahead of time. And for the firm part, he wants 18 months in prison, including 4 months and 2 years deferment of probation, with the correction of the sentence. About Dimitri, who believes it is “the pride of what is at stake”, has a “very worrying” profile, was released from prison “very recently”, and has a heavy track record where things are not going well, Alexandre Djindian insists: contact without hesitation to remove it”… What is there to prevent him from daring to start over? Total: these are 36 months’ imprisonment, including 6 months with an enhanced suspended sentence requested by the magistrate.

“The Shining Blade”

“David, he’s not the bad boy. If he had an iron bar, he wouldn’t use it… but he was beaten! And it takes 16 months? “. His advice is Ben Claudy Grosjean choking. Tommy’s defending colleague, Me Renaud Tribolet, is trying to convince the court that “it wasn’t a blow to the hip with an iron bar that could turn the fight into a tragedy.” Let’s not forget that “the glowing knife can’t help” restraint. On July 31st “The dynamic of construction, not destruction,” guided his client. If he decides on the July 31 expedition, it is the same that “comes out of prison (Dimitri) looking for problems.” In reality, the lawyer continues, learning of what happened the day before, “to let ourselves know that we can no longer “let” It’s the “big brother” who came “to strike a coup”. Also, “it eventually deforms… a car hood.” In short, it would be insane to come empty-handed knowing “Dimitri is armed most of the time.” It’s my turn to defend Elliott, Roland Aidan’ “On July 30, he goes to his father and it’s Dimitri who comes to pick him up. The next day, he tries in vain to discourage Tommy from taking revenge, and the younger brother obeys the older one. These two “run a lot, but not If he does, he never hits”. Ulcer is Me Geneviève Lalloz ulcer: “Let’s go!” to believe that brothers Elliott and Tommy are “just fine” and that his client Dimitri has a rebound record. As Dimitri hit it hard, no one bothered to check that Elliott said he would “break the day” “all over the village for weeks”… Nobody cares because that’s Dmitri. And then, where are the “fist marks on the face” that Elliott claims to have suffered? “Tommy has the right to close, Dimitri, he has no right to move.” His client’s last statement was deliberately retired before the court: “I am in prison; they have nothing, this is not normal”.

The court sentenced Elliott to 2 years probation and 12 months in prison; 16 months in prison, including 10 months suspended sentence for David J. – it will be up to the magistrate to assess the appropriateness of adjusting the firm part; Tommy was sentenced to 16 months in prison, including 12 months’ suspension without possible regulation on behalf of the firm; 3 years in prison for Dimitri J. The hearing on October 3 will focus on the civil interests of this case.

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