Australian Open – Wimbledon has changed (almost) nothing: the Elena Rybakina paradox

Australian Open – Wimbledon has changed (almost) nothing: the Elena Rybakina paradox
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It destroyed everything in its path. It’s like a whirlwind over the ladies’ table at the Australian Open. Before crossing paths with Victoria Azarenka for her second Grand Slam semi-final on Thursday, Elena Rybakina left almost nothing behind. Just one set captured in the third round by Danielle Collins (6-2, 5-7, 6-2), finalist of the previous season. Impressive but not surprising before, because the Kazakhstani already did that for the All England Club last summer. And yet…

Despite his status as a Grand Slam champion, he was not entitled to special preferential treatment from the organizers. The exact opposite. Undoubtedly, Rybakina takes only 22nd place in this tournament. But to rely on this figure alone would be to ignore a certain context: like everyone else who played Wimbledon last year, he didn’t score. However, a victory in the Major would give the respective player 2000 in regular times, making him a member of the Top 10, or rather world number 8.

Australian Open

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Lack of thought in the form of a blessing…

However, the Moscow native started his tournament on the field… 13. So there was reason to be disappointed, it was because he knew the person concerned badly. “As I said after the 1st round, no matter what field I play on, I just focused on getting the games back-to-back. I just tried my best, it didn’t matterHe commented again after the victorious quarter-final against Jelena Ostapenko.

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Rybakina is not the type to rebel against such details, and this is perhaps one of the reasons why the tournament organization has reduced her to such relative anonymity. But this apparent recklessness may have turned into an involuntary nudge. Wasn’t the spotlight on him? Never mind, the pressure he had to handle at the start of two weeks was far less for someone who gave up against Clara Burel in the first round of the US Open a few weeks after her coronation at Wimbledon.

I’m just hungry, I didn’t reach the peak of my career

Now that this victory has been digested, he can use it to his advantage to get closer to this end of the tournament. That’s probably the only thing that has really changed for him in the last six months: Rybakina believes even more in her abilities.

I had a tough time before Wimbledon because I was mentally exhausted.he also remembered. I played many tournaments, I wasn’t at my best level so I took a break. So this victory was even more unexpected. Here the situation is different: I’m sure I can do it again. I prepared really well, I was not surprised by the results. I’m just hungry and want to go further. I don’t think I’ve reached the pinnacle of my career. It’s not the beginning but I have many more years ahead of me

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Rybakina does not hesitate to confirm this: she feels stronger than on the English turf, on which she opened the Grand Slam record. This assurance is a sign of the unwavering determination of a player who, despite obvious timidity, has the character of an assertive champion. This is reflected in the striker’s game, especially in the service. He’s the best in the industry at the Australian Open, with 35 aces and 81% of points won since the start of the tournament.

Serve as the ultimate weapon

This formidable weapon sets him apart in a women’s circuit where breaks are much more frequent than men’s. He should also be extremely useful against Azarenka in the semi-finals, with the Belarusian giving the best performance in the competition in return for the first serve.

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I’ve always been very helpful, but when I started working with my coach, we made a lot of changes in my technique. Thanks to this, I gained even more strength. This is my biggest weapon in the field and of course we are trying to work on it. There is always much to improve. I am quite tall compared to other girls (1m83, editor’s note). But of course it’s not just about size, it’s also important to have good biomechanical technique. And when everything falls into place, we serve betterhe analyzed.

As Roger Federer said, sometimes it’s more important to work on your strengths than focus on your flaws in order to become a champion or champion. Rybakina has certainly learned her lesson well and is moving forward with a free spirit. Gone are the awkward questions about his Russian origins that made him an odd finalist at Wimbledon. “nothing more to say about itHe’s 100% focused on his game and promises it’ll be hard to be disturbed. And the “one shot” thesis at the Grand Slam can quickly become obsolete at this rate.

Australian Open

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Australian Open

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