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Amélie Mauresmo will have to decide, Nadal-Djokovic pays on France TV or Prime Video

The management of the tournament hesitates, whether the quarterfinal shock is going free to the public during the day or pay-to-pay on Amazon in the evening.

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The men’s quarterfinal between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, before the public’s eagerly awaited hour, will the final be reserved for Amazon subscribers, who retain the exclusivity of night sessions at Roland-Garros on Tuesday or broadcast on the daytime public service via France Télévisions? ? Amélie Mauresmo, the new director of the Paris tournament, will have to answer this thorny question Monday afternoon. The tension remains intact, but teeth will be broken in one of the two camps, regardless of the former player’s decision.

Behind the scenes, the two broadcasters placed their pawns to win the tympani, with the assurance of gaining a large audience. “Without going into the discussion, I think the vast majority of French won’t understand why the match of the two weeks won’t be clarified on a free channel.So, France Télévisions broadcast presenter Laurent Luyat on the antenna, noting that the Tuesday evening programming is advantageous in favor of Amazon. In the ranks of the historic broadcaster of the tournament, we try to play the seduction card by emphasizing general interest and arguing that the Paris tournament is part of the country’s heritage in the same way as the Tour de France. . . . An argument heard, even manifested, according to an internal source of the French audio-visual group”reasonably confidentabout the outcome of the case.

Prime Video acquires exclusive rights to a poster in the night session

Other than that, Amazon has no intention of abandoning the quarterfinals clash. Since last year and through 2023, the American band has acquired the exclusive right to air the nightly session, often opposing the big names on the circuit. No communication was made, but a tweet was published showing the meeting between the Spaniard and Serb on Sunday. Amazon, which signed a big check in 2019 (the amount was not disclosed, but a 25% increase in rights was mentioned) will not like the banner that eluded its subscribers.

So everything will depend on the schedule of the meeting. If the tournament management decides to play the match in the afternoon, France Télévisions will win the jackpot, at the risk of severely upsetting the new broadcaster, who will necessarily have to settle for a less prestigious match for the evening. It’s a tough choice for Amélie Mauresmo, a former consultant at Prime Video who knows all too well the rigors of programming choices.

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Nadal wants to play in the afternoon and it shows

The manager will also have to take into account the wishes expressed by the players. Nadal has no official say in programming, but when the thirteen-time winner Porte d’Auteuil’s Spanish player speaks, his word is gold. Mallorcan has already sent a message to the tournament management after their victory over Auger-Aliassime in the round of 16. And it does not suffer from any uncertainty: he wants to play in the afternoon, when the conditions are more favorable for his game.I prefer to play during the day, during the day I know Roland-Garros and it is true that I am aware that I do not know what will happen next year. Every time I play here I realize that this may be my last game in this tournament.“Explained the clay king who could not do better to pressure the direction of the tournament.

Amélie Mauresmo, tournament director. Panoramic

Late in the evening, Carlos Alcaraz announced that he did not want to play for the third time in the evening, especially since recovery was more difficult. “I’m not saying that playing in the evenings bothers me, but frankly, if I always finish too late, I have less recovery time. When midnight is over, everything is behind it, trying to get down in terms of dinner, physio, adrenaline, it’s harder to recover.“, explained.”If I play for the third time (evening), it seems unfair to me, to be honest.»

Mauresmo cancels press conference

The equation is not something simple to solve. Amélie Mauresmo also canceled the speech, originally scheduled for Tuesday morning at the stadium, to postpone it to Wednesday. There is no doubt proof that the burning issue is the subject of wide debate among organizers, and that it will probably not be decided when the time to dip the croissant in coffee this Monday will come.

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