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‘Amazon selection shocking’ for Delphine Ernotte

INFORMATION LE FIGARO- The boss of French Television warns against privatization of major sporting events by American platforms.

That’s why the management of the Roland-Garros tournament on Monday made the decision. It chose the Amazon Prime Video service to broadcast the quarterfinals between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, at the expense of France Television’s antennas. And this configuration does not please Delphine Ernotte, head of the public audio-visual group. According to our information, the leader openly expressed his dissatisfaction Tuesday morning at a board of directors attended by representatives of parliament, the budget ministry and culture. “This decision of the French Tennis Federation shook me deeply.said. This is a very bad blow to our partnership, because for years we have been participating in exposing and popularizing the tournament with all the French.“. And to add:I find it extremely shocking to choose an American actor like Amazon at the expense of the public service, especially at an event that is fully or partially funded by public money. The reverse was completely unimaginable in the United States.“.

To avoid controversy, Amazon paid for some of the Roland-Garros matches, while the French Tennis Federation wanted to reassure. This Tuesday night will be the game Available for free and unrestricted on Prime Video, mobile and Web apps in France “A press release said. In reality, if the meeting is indeed broadcast for free, it will still be necessary to sign up for Amazon Prime Video by specifying your ID and email. “Amazon’s free distribution is a trap: it only serves to create subscriptions and data. And when not all French have access to high-speed internet, it’s a real violation of equality.“denounced Delphine Ernotte during the Board of Directors.

For the head of France Télévisions, the FFT’s decision also raises a very important dossier. “This event once again raises the issue of privatization of sports to the detriment of those without financial means. There is an urgent need to preserve free access to major events, especially for publicly funded events.‘, he insisted. At present, about twenty sporting events called ‘of great importanceIt is protected by unencrypted distribution, thanks to a December 2004 decree. Tech giants – Amazon in France also won 80% of Ligue 1 matches, while the government launched a consultation to modernize this list. It has a solid foothold in the sports rights market.

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