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Adrian Mannarino retires to Roger Federer in Wimbledon 1st round

It’s not far from us to think that Roger Federer didn’t care too much about the way Adrian Mannarino bailed himself out of the trap set by Adrian Mannarino so brilliantly at 2:40. Beneath the roof, rain watered the All-England Club for much of the afternoon, as the eight-time Wimbledon winner suffered a lot to beat the Frenchman on Tuesday and was forced to retire at the start of the fifth set. , after injuring his right knee 2-4 at the end of the fourth set (6-4, 6-7) [3]3-6, 6-2, ab.).

Entering an epic final round, Roger Federer went back on the gas and finally offered a stronger play in the fourth set and went 4-2 ahead, as Adrian Mannarino slid onto the turf looking to regain center of the pitch. His right knee was sprained, sunk and immediately painfully sprained. After the doctor tried to quickly assess the “drawer” in his knee, Mannarino tried to continue the game, but the French player was unable to serve, not even a single support on his right leg. And after a Swiss ace to start the final round, Mannarino opted to throw in the towel.

45 mandatory mistakes for Federer, including 24 forehands

It will definitely be another game for Federer that isn’t too much to try to build a solid foundation for his game. Because the man with 101 wins on Center Court on Tuesday showed a lot of instability and put everyone at ease. After winning the first set, he was often beaten by Mannarino in the trade. The Ile-de-France player, who came first with the covered forehand and the Swiss’s backhand at the start of the match, quickly landed in the opposite corner with his scraping, exploding backhand that caused Federer so much pain. the forehead that he hit the wood with many times. Nineteen mandatory errors in the second set, a very clear physical drop in the third: Wimbledon’s sweetheart was logically cutting two sets to one and looking worried.

His fourth set was fortunately more encouraging, more aggressive and more determined, until this dire conclusion for Mannarino, who had challenged him so wonderfully until now. “I hope he’s got nothing. He shows that a bullet can change the course of the game. I hope we see him back in court soon. He was the best ever. I’m not at all happy with what I’ve produced today.” (Tuesday) »The Swiss summed it up warmly, only being clear about the way it still has to go to reach week two.

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