Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina make history

Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina make history
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Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina make history

Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina have entered major league history as the most starting pitcher duo on Wednesday.

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st. The two members of the Louis Cardinals joined forces for the 325th time in their careers, surpassing Detroit Tigers’ Mickey Lolich and Bill Frehan.

According to comments made by the major league baseball website, Molina said after the game, “It’s an incredible feeling to reach this number, to be a part of this list and to be at the top. [la marque] can never be surpassed. It feels magical to be at the top of this list and be with the amazing person ‘Waino’.”

Wainwright and Molina, aged 41 and 40 respectively, did the best to celebrate by signing their 213th win together. The Cardinals beat the Milwaukee Brewers 4-1.

The shooter also started his match with a shot where Christian Yelich deliberately followed the pass to catch it in a gesture Wainwright described as “high class”. Wainwright even shot Yelich two fields later. Emotionally, Wainwright was finally replaced after five innings, allowing only one run in eight innings and two walks, plus he passed three opponents in the glove.


“it’s been a lot [d’émotions] quite early to deal with, because the crowd was great. He kept me cold all the time and brought tears to my eyes, he accepted the artillery. I needed to check my adrenaline level since it was in the mat.

“I usually get super focused on the first hit when I enter the bullring and try to get into the right frame of mind, but there was great video on the big screen. I thought, ‘They probably won’t be making videos like this again that I can enjoy, so we better do it for a minute or two.’

Both men will have a chance to increase their lead at the top of the list by playing more games together until the end of the season and even playing in the playoffs as the Cardinals are top of the league.

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