Aaron Judge’s 62nd house is breaking the new MLB record or not?

Finally! In the penultimate regular season game for the New York Yankees – since his team joined MLB in 2016 – Aaron Judge recorded his 62nd home run of the year. Two weeks ago, he became one of the players who reached 60 of these precious stones, which are indispensable in baseball, in a season. Before that, only five players had achieved this legendary goal.

Judge’s 62e HR has a very distinctive flavor. Officially, this is not an MLB record. It is held by Barry Bonds, who has reached 73 with the San Francisco Giants since 2001. He was followed by St Louis Cardinals’ Mark McGwire (70) and Chicago Cubs’ Sammy Sosa (66). A fine duel in 1998. These two real gluttons have surpassed 60 several times (twice for McGwire and three for Sosa in total).

A period shadowed by steroids

But since Tuesday, Aaron Judge has been celebrated by some as the new record holder for successful home runs in a single season. He would replace Roger Maris, also a Yankees star, who reached 61 HR in 1961. That year, Maris stole the record from baseball legend Babe Ruth, who was also a member of the NY Yankees, and was considered the greatest player of all time.

Why do Bonds, McGwire and Sosa find themselves excluded from the charts? Simply put, their careers were marred by the use or questionable use of steroids. At that time, these products were banned by the US Congress. However, before drug testing became official in 2002, the MLB had a very lenient anti-doping policy.

While Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa have never been sanctioned during their careers, they have been denied access to the Hall of Fame, forever home to the biggest names in baseball history. In 2010, McGwire admitted to using steroids. Sosa has always refused to use such substances.

Bonds record holder for judge

The bonds were featured in the Balco scandal that broke out in 2003, which ended the career of American sprinter Marion Jones (the loss of Olympic and world titles and a six-month prison sentence). Barry Bonds denied doping, but was charged with perjury and obstruction of justice after the grand jury trial. However, these accusations were later overturned.

For purists, Aaron Judge is thus the successor to Roger Maris. Second, he won’t have to give his opinion on this discussion. He died in 1985. Earlier in the week, her son said the Judge should be recognized as the new record holder. The New York Yankees star may be closing this endless debate. Indeed, he said that for him, Barry Bonds remains the legitimate record holder.

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