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A revolution in tennis incites the raging rage of the Nadal clan


This Tuesday, the ATP will allow coaching attempts from July 11 until the end of the season. Some tennis players, like Serena Williams’ former coach Patrick Mouratoglou, made no secret of their delight. However, others such as Nick Kyrgios or Carlos Moya have expressed their opposition to this rule.

A small revolution in tennis. L’ATPThe manager of all men’s tournaments has announced that he will allow coaching until the end of the season. Organ will allow coaches to chat with their players from July 11, the day after Wimbledon. By unanimous vote of the players, this rule can be maintained next year. But it will be arranged. In fact, coaching will be limited to just a few words and will be done from the stands. The coach will be prohibited from entering the tennis court during the match. In case of abuse,ATP plans to establish a warning and sanction system. This new rule should please Stefanos Tsitsipas, is often punished for advice announced by his clan during meetings. However, the first to welcome this provision Patrick Mouratoglou, former coach Serena Williams. Thanks to ATP for “legalizing” a practice that has persisted in nearly every game for decades. No more hypocrisy » said the French Twitter. However, this new rule is far from being unanimous in the circuit.

“I am totally against coaching”

trainer Raphael Nadal and former player carlos moya was quick to react. The Spaniard does not share his opinion Patrick Mouratoglou and announced this in a lengthy interview with his country’s media. ” I’m not very supportive of coaching. What makes tennis a special sport is that it’s the only sport you face without anyone’s help. (…) For me, it is essential for the player to think for himself, the coach is already done. It is like an exam, the teacher can help you, but once the exam starts you are on your own. The work of the coach must be done before the match, the player must master all the variations, because then things will happen that are definitely not planned in the scenario. In this sense, I am absolutely against coaching. Moya said in an interview: Eurosport Spain.

“So sad that such a prestigious coach openly admits that he has broken the rules of our sport for so long”

in social networks, Todd Woodbridge also took a stand. ” It’s a shame that such a prestigious coach openly admitted that he broke the rules of our sport for so long.he said, answering Patrick Mouratoglou onexcitementr. This new rule should continue to get players to react. That’s why the US Open will be the first Grand Slam to host this rule, which has sparked a lot of controversy and backlash in the tennis world.

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