A businessman could earn $75 million from the Astros

A Houston businessman could have made $75 million if the Houston Astros won the World Series, after betting $10 million his team would win the championship earlier this year.

Businessman Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale rose to prominence in Texas with his Gallery Furniture chain, but was able to make history thanks to baseball.

If the Astros do better than the Philadelphia Phillies, they could win one of the biggest sums in sports betting history, according to CNN.

“The excitement is real in Houston,” Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngval said at a press conference a few days ago. The whole town is on fire with the Astros. ”

The man explained that he had a “strong tendency to take risks.”

If he wins his bet, Mr. McIngvale plans to give it back to his customers.

Winning is important, but more importantly, giving back the money to our customers who bought $75 million worth of furniture.”

He insisted on the unifying aspect of the Astros on his community.

“Baseball brings joy to the city. The country is politically divided between Republicans and Democrats, but baseball brings us all together,” Jim McIngvale told CNN. And I say thank you to the Houston Astros for bringing Houston together. I attended all the matches and I can’t say how many people were there and it’s very important to them.

not the first

Septuagenarian isn’t his first mention. The prospect of losing a few million dollars is far from encouraging. Last year, the 70-year-old told CNN that he bet $3.35 million on the Astros to win the World Series after losing to the Atlanta Braves in the Finals.

According to “CBS News,” the businessman bumps the stakes. The last time the University of Kansas basketball team won March Madness, it made $15 million. However, after betting on the Cincinnati Bengals losing the Super Bowl in 2022, he lost $10 million after bidding farewell to $1.5 million after betting on the wrong horse in the Kentucky Derby.

Jim McIngvale said his first big bet came in the first season of the Houston Texans football team in 2002. That year, the Texans finished the season with a record of four wins and 12 losses.

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